Get a Neck/Back Massage at Home with the InstaShiatsu+ Massager

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It seems like it more common anymore to need a nice neck and or back massage.  We sometimes can’t fit that in our daily lives.  Also, we don’t always have the money to go repeatedly.  With the InstaShiatsu+ Neck/Back Massager which includes heat, you could easily pay what it would cost you for 4 possible 1/2 hour massages.

rog upclose shiatsu

My husband and I have had neck and back issues for quite a few years.  Most people overdo in their teenage and younger adult years by thinking that they are Hercules.  I know I thought I could do more back then and I paid for it in my early 30s.

instashiatsu up close behind


The InstaShiatsu+ is so convenient and very easy to use.  You can sit in the comfort of your living room.  The unit is rechargeable and contains lithium batteries that cannot be replaced.  You will want to make sure you do not store it in a damp area, or use in the bathtub, jacuzzi or anywhere else that moisture or wetness can occur. Another advantage is because it is cordless you can move to another location without having to unplug and take a cord with you.  Also, you do not have to worry about your pet or child tripping on it.

rog with shiatsu and bag

The massager is only meant for 20 minutes of use at a time and needs a 30-minute cool down after using. It comes with a wonderful remote control that allows you to turn on heat, and it also massages in reverse.  It also comes with a nice carrying case to put the massager in, along with its charging cord and charger. What I like most about this unit is the portability and the fact that either one of us can use it when the need arises. This unit is NOT for use by children.  You should also consult your doctor if you are not sure if you should be using it based on your neck or back condition(s).

This massager also will work on other parts of your body as shown below.

Tru Medic InstaShiatzu Massager

Currently, you can find this on their website for $139.97 normally $299.97.

I am happy we are able to enjoy the comfort of a massage here in our home and possibly even share with our adult children….time will tell.

rog upclose shiatsu-
This is how Roger feels after using the truMedic InstaShiatsu+ Neck/Back Massager.

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