How to Use the Urinator Kit to keep pee warm for a drug test

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People do so much to pass drug tests like bleaching hairs or use countless methods etc. But the number one solution to pass these drugs or urine tests is a Urinator Kit. Today, we will share an honest and genuine review of the electronic Urinator Device.

To make this report precise & helpful, we have shared all the relevant information regarding Urinator Kit. Let us not wander around the introduction and begin with the main subject– Urinator Kit Review.

Urinator Kit Review

In 1998 Innovative Research Technology, Inc. introduced the first urine substitution device in the market known as the Urinator.

What Is the Urinator Kit?

Urinator Kit is an electronic device, powdered by two 9-volt Duracell batteries. This electronically controlled device helps you carry your fake, synthetic, or artificial pee/urine with you in the vinyl IV bag provided.

The Urinator kit isn’t only about carrying your pee for the drug test. It also keeps the urine’s temperature high with the help of powerful batteries. It is guaranteed for keeping the urine at 98 degrees for at least 4 hours that it is quiet enough to get a test done.

Another advantage of using this device is that it can be used several times and not just once like other products. Despite this, it is not guaranteed, as using over time can decrease the quality of the product.

It’s better to get a new product for those who have long gaps between their tests.

How to Use the Urinator Kit?

There is no rocket science in using a Urinator urine testing kit. It is simple and easy to use equipment designed to meet the necessities of the customer.

Follow the following steps to learn how to use a Urinator kit:

  • With the help of a provided syringe, fill the bag with 75 to 85ml of warm water or warm urine. (Use water if you are still learning.)
  • Screw the cap back at the tube before eliminating all the excess amounts of air.
  • Attach both the 9-volt powerful batteries and fold the fabric shut. Make sure that the ends are securely closed.
  • Wait for the temperature indicator to read 98 to 100 degrees. That’s when you are ready to give your sample.

(Note: 98 degrees is the best sweet point to undergo a test.)

FAQ – Urinator Kit Review

We have chosen and answered some frequently asked questions regarding the Urinator Kit to clear all the suspicions and questions.

What’s in the Urinator Kit?

  • The electronic Urinator Device
  • Two temperature strips for tests
  • One syringe to fill the bag
  • An instruction manual to help
  • One clean pee sample

Can Someone Else’S Urine Be Used in the Urinator?

The answer is a big yes. Just keep in mind that the person who is urinating doesn’t have any medical problem or history related to genetic defects. It is cautious about using your own urine better than coming up with defects in the next place.

Be careful when handling a friend’s sample because, just like blood, certain health conditions like hepatitis, STDs can be transmitted through urine.

Can’t urine be just put in a bottle or a bag and keep it warm with the body or a heating pack?

The best sweet point is 98 degrees to hand over your urine for the lab test. Keeping it warm with body temperature will surely not help and can give you a tough time.

Some found an alternative to this by using heat packs. But these will not guarantee the 98-degree temperature and can be tricky too.

Cost and Where to Buy from?

The expense of the Urinator is around $150. Some might find it expensive, but it is way more convenient than taking a risk to get a fake pee test done and ending up getting failed.

The Urinator device is available at several suspicious third-party sites or at local sellers in the market or even from a smoke shop.  In the era of door-to-door deliveries, we recommend buying it from the official website of Urinator Device or from any trustworthy e-commerce site.


When compared to other competitive electronically controlled devices, the Urinator Kit has a somewhat higher point rate than others. A negligible amount of reviews have been reported dealing with the minute errors in the temperature. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to rely on the quality of the product when overused.

If you have any suggestion to enhance this review then let us know. I believe that you do not require any more Unirator Kit reviews but if you have any doubt then comment below and we’ll respond to it shortly.



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