How to get local show updates!

Shows are always updating and changing. The date might change due to weather or poor ticket sales, or the show can even be canceled for various reasons. Finding out what is happening to a local show is incredibly important if you want to see or support it. The good thing is that there are various ways to keep up with local shows to ensure that you know exactly what is going on.

Community Billboards
Most towns and communities are proud of the shows that they have. This means that they will often advertise the show through community billboards to let everybody know what is happening. While small updates probably won’t be added to the billboard, larger updates about the show changing or being cancelled should be posted.

Checking a billboard everyday can be tiresome. It would be a good idea to check it several days before the show and the day it’s supposed to occur. This ensures that you get the updates without wasting your time.

Social Media
Almost every person, business and organization currently has a social media account. The two most common social networks are Twitter and Facebook when it comes to local shows. If you want both small and significant updates, then following the show’s social media page is a great idea. This allows you to read posts and you will be notified about updates as soon as they happen.

If the show doesn’t have an individual page, then there are a few things that you can do to keep up with the show. The first thing that you can do is to check the page of the organization or theater hosting the show. You can also follow the page of somebody belonging to the main cast. Both of these should allow you to get updates about the show.

While this method of keeping up with the show is very effective, the bad thing is that you will often see a lot of posts containing small updates. If you just want to read about important updates, then this might get annoying.

Website or Blog
Another thing that most shows have is a website or blog. This is especially true if the show is popular. As with the social media section, try looking for the website or blog belonging to the main cast or hosting organization if the show itself doesn’t have a dedicated website.

This is better if you just want to read about important updates because there will rarely be articles or blog posts unless there is a major change.

Call the Show
If the local show is very small and for a niche audience, then it might not be listed online or through a community billboard. While this makes it harder to keep up with updates, you can still get the information. The best thing that you can do in this case is to call the show directly and see what is going on. It’s best to do this the day of the show to get the most current information.

If you can’t find a number to call the show, then you can just go there a day or two before the show and talk to a representative. There is sure to be somebody that can tell you about any recent updates.

Ask Questions
This method might make you seem a bit pushy, but it could give you some good information. It’s sometimes best to ask certain questions as soon as you find out about the show or buy tickets. For example, ask a representative about the likelihood of the show being canceled due to poor ticket sales. You should also ask about dates. If there is poor weather the day of the show, then will the show be moved to another day?

If you ask these questions immediately, then you will know what to expect if something happens.

Keeping up with a local show is usually easy, but sometimes it can be harder than expected. It’s best to check the show’s website or social media page for information, but you might have to walk there or call if the Internet offers no assistance. This will ensure that you don’t waste your time getting ready just to find out that the show was canceled or moved to another day.


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Kristine Connors is a local music junkie who uses Moby Ticket to find updates on her favorite bands and events at local theatres.


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