How to Décor with Small Living Room Furniture

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Having a small living room means spending less on furniture pieces. But another dilemma that small living room owners have is how to decorate the entire space that won’t feel and look cramped. If you’re not very endowed with a huge living room, you can try these small living room ideas to create design cohesion. And we’ll also tell you what kind of furniture designs you should buy that are suitable for your tiny living space.

Ways to Decorate Your Small Living Room

Here are a few simple ways to decorate your small living room:

Vertical space

One way to make your small living space bigger is to draw the eyes upwards. If your house has high ceilings, then leverage that to create a vertical extension. Although this doesn’t augment your floor plan, it can make your home feel spacious. Try putting up tall accent pieces. You can either install vertical built-in shelves, hang various paintings, or create an art gallery for an accent wall.

Use mirrors

Another old trick to make your tiny space bigger is to use mirrors. Mirrors reflect lighting, hence, illuminating the entire room. A bright living room looks spacious and airy and can make the area feel bigger as well.

Hidden storage (lots of it)

If you have a small living room, one thing you must always prevent is clutter. But since you don’t have the luxury of space to add as many storage cabinets and furniture items, then you can rely on hidden or built-in storage instead. For instance, you can choose items that also double as your storage such as an ottoman.

Use an entire corner

Small living room homeowners might think that they won’t be able to use a sectional sofa. But this can be farther from the truth. You can still decorate your home with a sectional as long as you know where to position it. An L-shaped sectional might be a better option than a U-shaped sectional because it’s more versatile. When positioning your sofa, you can put it in one corner so it creates a conversational area, without hindering foot traffic areas. Additionally, buying one huge piece instead of many smaller sofas and chairs is better because it makes the room feel uncluttered.

Create a focal point

Always make sure to create a focal point as this can add depth to the entire living room. Adding depth gives the impression that the area is way bigger than it is. You can create an accent wall by putting stunning wallpaper designs that stand out. Aside from an accent wall, you can create an eclectic art gallery. Anything oversized and colossal that grabs attention is a way to create depth in a room.

Choose small-scale furniture

This is a dead giveaway. But homeowners need to be reminded to always opt for small-scale pieces instead of big ones. Tiny home furnishings are still as comfortable as the bigger items.

What Living Room Furniture Designs to Choose

Speaking of small-scale furnishings, go for these living room furnishing designs for your small home:

  • Sofa. Choose a sofa or loveseat with low back and arms. Plus, go for exposed legs as the space underneath makes the room seem spacious. As mentioned, go for an L-shaped sofa because it acts as an excellent room divider and can instantly define your space.
  • Chairs. Go for round chairs as they’re more compact and they also take less space than square or rectangular ones.
  • Ottoman. By design, ottomans are very compact and can fit anywhere in the living room. That’s why this is popular in modern home decor. When choosing an ottoman, go for ottomans with storage or an ottoman with built-in wheels for convenient mobility.
  • Multi-functional. Consider multi-functional furnishings. For instance, get a sleeper sofa that doubles as your bed. Or you can also get a convertible sofa that you can easily stow away when you have guests.


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