HeartLand America Hot Dog Roller Toaster review/giveaway! ("Hot Dogs, Get Your Hot Dogs")

If you never heard of Heartland America; your not along. I was surfing throughout the internet and came upon their website. They have quite a few products that I would love to purchase right off hand. The deals are remarkable and they carry something for everyone!

Are you seeking to find products for your garden, your car or maybe some electronics…. they have that too. They carry a multitude of different products. I was fascinated by one of their products one I had never seen before called the Tri-pod-sprinkler

Now that’s cool! It’s unique how the water comes out of the top of the tri-pod spraying every area around that surface.

Even though we have a pool I’m sure this unique sprinkler would catch anyone’s attention!!

I reached out to “HeartLand America” because I saw a product that as a kid I really wanted. It’s called the Hot Dog Roller and Toaster I was so happy when it arrived. As a child my family and I would sell our lemonade and our hot dogs on the front yard.

We made enough money one time to buy a toy for us all. Those were the days!. LOL!  The first thing my kids and I said when we opened up the box was “Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog”…..*smiling*. We took the hot dog toaster out last night and prepared to grill.

It sits perfectly on my kitchen counter-top and goes very well with my red accessories. It’s the right size and holds up to 4 hotdogs. It’s equipped with a small tray to gather the grease from the hotdogs. It’s  compact and easy to store in any area.

There’s a timer button on the right side to indicate the length of time you need to heat your hot dogs. The Toaster roller has a wattage of 210 and a on/off button at the bottom. Don’t think because it’s small it can’t do the job this unit meets my expectations all around. Below the hot dog grill area is a warmer for your buns, making your hot dogs taste even better!

                                     There’s nothing like a good hot dog on a warm bun!

We tried two hot dogs last night along with warming our buns. You have to be very careful because the grill gets very hot and will burn your fingers. So please as with any electrical appliance use precaution and use the necessary tools to remove the hot dogs from the toaster. It took us 15 minutes to toast our hot dogs and boy my daughter and I really enjoyed them. The next thing that came out of my mouth was “MM, MM Good….there’s nothing like a good old fashion grilled hot dog”!

The taste was as good as if we had visited a hot dog stand and of course the warm buns just made it even more delicious. I’m sure if you wish to leave your hot dog on a little longer then 15 minutes that would be fine  but make sure to wait close to the time your hot dogs maybe done before putting your buns in the warmer.

I have to say the hot dog roller & toaster really did it’s job and my overall view is “I’m Impressed”.  To see such a small product produce great results with cooking your hot dogs will put a smile on any hot dog lover face. Glad to know that I can share this hot dog roller with the family this weekend it’s my youngest daughter birthday.

         It’s like having your own 7 eleven hot dog toaster/grill right in the comforts of your home!!!

Heart Land America  has been kind enough to offer one of the Night Helper readers a chance to win the same “Hot Dog Roller“!

Remember you can always visit their site to order your own Hot Dog Roller and Toaster for as little as $39.99 order today and get free shipping.

Disclaimer Statement

I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Heart Land America  at no charge for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced by any other source. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC.


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