Happy Father’s Day from Beach Bikes.net, dad will be riding in style!

Howdy everyone, I just wanted to inform you that I was not compensated for this post. However, I did receive a product from the company below and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines. All prize fulfillment will be provided by Sponsors.


Father’s Day is coming soon and if you’re looking for a life time, unique gift for dad than you need to check our Beach Bikes.net. This is one cool website with so many awesome bikes that’s sure to have dad riding in style. Let me tell you about this great company.

Beach Bikes.net  team is committed to being the most customer oriented bicycle store in the US while selling quality, affordable bicycles that will last a lifetime. We will stand behind all of the bicycles we sell…forever. We are human beings who want to make sure we take care of others the way we’d want to be taken care of. Bicycles are more than just a possession, they are people movers that promote healthy, green living. We want to make sure we keep the bikes we sell moving forever.

Now the whole concept behind Beach Bikes.net is to allow each customer to customize their bike how they want. From the frame, wheels, color, and accessories, you can build your bike to fit your style. How cool right! No matter if dad is a Beach Cruiser, Firmstrong, or Sixthreezero bike style rider, Beach Bikes can meet his needs.

The process is so simple and even if you find yourself being challenged by building your beach bike, don’t worry because the company has great staff members on hand to help you.

beachbile logoSo it was my turn now and I was ready, now keep in mind this is new to me too but I was so excited to build a bike for my husband. I went to the Beach Bikes.net site here to get started. I went into the men’s category to find the right bike I felt my husband would love. Once inside that area there were 26 bikes to select from and a price range from $150 and up, it took me awhile to look over the bikes until I saw the one that really caught my eye.

It was the FIRMSTRONG Urban Man 7 Speed Men’s 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike. I could see him cruising throughout the town on this awesome bike. Now the time was here to customize it the way I like, love this area. After selecting the bike, I then proceeded to select my speed which was the 7speed. You also have available to you 1, 3 speeds.

Next was my color, available colors for this bike were black, gray and orange, I selected black. I followed next step which was adding decals and fenders which are also available in many colors Next step took me to selecting the seat  and grips plus cup holders and beam lights that are also available in color. Next you’ll move on to selecting accessories like baskets, basket liners, bells, back rack, surf board rack, and warranties before you know it your bike is born.

Within a few weeks my Beach Bike arrived secured in a long box, once we opened the box we saw the FIRMSTRONG Urban Man 7 Speed bike was somewhat assembled which made it much easier for us to put the other pieces together.

IMG_4136Before I knew it we had everything apart and it was time to assemble the rest. Now it didn’t take long nor did we come across anything that was challenging but if we did the Beach Bike.net company had assigned a personal mechanic staff person to help me just I needed help with assembling….cool!

Soon we had the bike completely put together and Viola!!


Now he hasn’t seen the bike yet, so he hasn’t had a chance to ride but I’ll tell you this baby rides with the wind…lol! I took it for a test drive and I’ll have to say he will be pleased and very excited Father’s Day when he sees his awesome bike.

Do you know that Beach Bikes.net even has a policy that says: Take Your Bike For A Test Drive and If You Don’t Like They’ll Pay For Return Shipping, well there’s no returning here honey!!


The frame is very sturdy and of course the seat is sturdy and comfortable too, being able to trade gears is a plus and it works great also. I love the black finish on the bike and the decals just add that extra jazz.  As for the black and white wheels I wasn’t too sure how I would like the white walls of the tires but since seeing it all together I know he’ll love it. I like that the pedal are wide enough to support your feet while riding and the handle grips feel so smooth. You can adjust seat or handle bars to fit your biking needs. Now I also add a bike rack to his bike I just haven’t assembled that part yet.


Overall I can see why Beach Bikes.net would have customers that are excited about their bikes, they have an awesome staff, great return policy, awesome support staff, great ordering assistance and their bikes are unique. These one of a kind bikes that you create for yourself and I LOVE IT!!  You can also view their line of accessories


Visit Beach Bikes.net today to see what bike you’ll like to create and remember Father’s Day is coming soon and this will make a great gift for any dad! CLICK GIVEAWAY BANNER, will take you to giveaway.


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Howdy everyone, I just wanted to inform you that I was not compensated for this post. However, I did receive a product from the company below and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines. All prize fulfillment will be provided by Sponsors.


  1. This would be an awesome gift to be able to give to my dad!

  2. I’d love to have this for my son. He loves riding bikes and getting a custom one would be a dream.

  3. Thanks for the great review. I would love to have a beach bike. I don’t live anywhere near the beach but would love to cruise on a beach bike around town. All my kids have bikes and I have wanted a bike that I could ride with them. I tried a mountain bike but it was not very comfortable for me but the beach bike looks so comfortable and easy to ride.

  4. I need a new bike to hook a tandem for my soon to be son too when he’s ready. I have a mountain bike from when I lived in a trail area and destroyed road area of the city and now I live on regular roads and no… too much work to since its a ton and full suspension. I love bikes like this and I know many brands make them and want one I can build, a great concept.

  5. I like the FIRMSTRONG Urban Lady Single Speed Women’s 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike in mint green.

  6. I would love to own a beach bike and be able to customize it the way I want. This is a great selling concept.

  7. would like to have this. broke my ankle in May. this will be good for exercise after not being on my foot for several weeks.

  8. The bike looks of nice and high quality. I like the frame and the heavy duty and strong metal it is made of. This would be a perfect Father’s Day gift.

  9. A beach bike? what an awesome idea.. thank you for bringing this to my attention.. my dad is too old to ride a bike but this is still really cool.

  10. We were just talking about how awesome it would be to have a beach bike!

  11. Bike riding is such an enjoyable way to spend time together. Plus, with more and more communities offering trails and bike paths it makes for a simple and fun way to get around when sightseeing.

  12. This bike would make our next beach trip a blast!~

  13. My daughter would love this bike – and so would i!

  14. I love that you can customize your bike. My husband is needing a new one to go riding with our son.

  15. I live at the beach and have always wanted a beach bike

  16. It looks like a great bike to ride for my hubby he trying to get in shape this year this would help him thanks

  17. That is so cool that you can customize to your style.

  18. These bikes look great! I like that you get your own “mechanic” if you have trouble putting the bike together!

  19. Great! My son would love to have a Beach Bike!

  20. Sounds like it is a really great bike.

  21. My husband is 8 years older than me and can run circles around me!! I love that he could customize his own bike!! He had a bike and like other kid stories, WELL, it got messed up by one of our kids! We used to go bike riding all the time! I know he would love to do this again. THANKS for this awesome giveaway!!

  22. Looks like a good bike. My son will enjoy riding it

  23. What a great idea about building your own bike. Makes it easier to ride and get exercise.

  24. Now this is a company that truly stands besides their product Free shipping back if you don’t like it..AWESOME. But getting to help your dad with a project no matter how old you are that you both can enjoy is priceless..Let’s build a bike dad!, said my 40 something self!

  25. this is an awesome service! my husband and i had bikes years ago and it took forever to find one he liked just as it was. this is something my picky husband would love.

  26. My son had a really cool cruising bike that was stolen out of our garage. I would love to have a beach cruiser to replace it with. They are so nice. And, I could still ride it, too.

  27. I live in Florida so a beach bike makes sense.

  28. This bike looks fantastic, and perfect for exercise.

  29. Oh, I’m not sure about putting together a bike.. not unless my grandkids are helping! And then, they can do the test drive! Ha Ha!

  30. This is so awesome! I live near Lake Superior and would love to give my husband a beach bike for Father’s Day!

  31. My husband would enjoy having this bike.

  32. This looks like an awesome way to get a bike tailored to your specific needs/wants. A beach bike would be an awesome thing to have in our coastal town!

  33. My husband bike rides everyday so this would be perfect when we go to the beach.

  34. Love beach cruisers. My fave of all because of the sand here in coastal Florida.
    We ride a lot and love it!
    Awesome bike and custom.

  35. I have been wanting a beach bike forever. I like the women’s style but would also use the mens

  36. I would like to get a beach cruiser for my husband, he had one but had to sell it when finances got tough.

  37. My husband would love a bike like this . He is supposed to get exercise daily and this would make it so he could bike along with ease! These really are such cool bikes, and I like how simplified they are yet nice looking.

  38. As someone in need of a good bike, with no time for shopping and can barely get my DVD player to work, you had me at ” bike was somewhat assembled” =)

  39. I love that you can customize the bike.

  40. That bike would be an awesome fathers da gift to my husband. He loves riding with our kids!!

  41. Great bike for summertime / beach outings in Long Beach.

  42. Would be the perfect gift for my hubbys birthday in July he has talked about getting one for a few years now.

  43. This would be amazing for summers at the beach

  44. These bikes look awesome! Would love to own one someday!

  45. Oh My
    How awesome this would be!

    Awesome pics and write up about this bike (I never knew “Beach Bikes” were made), but my father (and I myself, hee hee) could so use bicycles. Ours were stolen many years ago and since then have never gotten to buy any used or new ones. Would be very handy and also encourage us to go outside and exercise more!

    Thanks for the great review. Happy rides to your family! 🙂

  46. cool looking beach cruiser would love one..

  47. What a high quality bike! It looks super sleek!

  48. I love the idea of customizing your own bicycle! What a great idea. I would love to give this to my husband for Father’s Day!

  49. My husband’s bike was stolen and I am hoping to replace it. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking of a beach cruiser but now I am.

  50. I would love a Beach Cruiser and these look great!

  51. What a wonderful concept to have a customized bike. I am impressed by the quick and easy assembly and glad to hear that the company provides assistance if needed.

  52. What a cool company! Beach cruisers are definitely in style right now, and I love the idea of making one to exactly fit my personality! My husband and I have been wanting beach cruisers to ride to the beach and on the beach and I can’t wait to check out all of the frames and options at Beach Bikes!

  53. I love that you can customize them. I haven’t ridden a bike in forever. I miss it!

  54. This definitely looks like an awesome Beach Bike! I would love to get one for my husband, we really want to start going on bike rides with our 3 children! 🙂

  55. I really like these bikes and i love that you can customize them! My dad would probably like this so cruise around the lake and get some exercise. 😀

  56. A custom bike rocks, love the fact that we could ride in town, the beach , the park on a bike that doesn’t look like one everyone else has.

  57. My husband deserves this bike. He has been such a good father to our handicapped son. He works tirelessly and never complains. I hope I can win this for him for a very happy Father’s Day.

  58. Best Beach Bike Ever! I used to be embarrassed as a child to have a bike with wide tires! Today I understand the value!!

  59. You know what? I do NOT understand anything, like a bike or motorcycle that is styled after RACING ones. Insane. You do NOT want to have any weight on your wrists, nor be bent over so you can’t watch the entire road well. It’s nuts. The grandkids found that out fast. One of them refuses to go riding with the family … THE BIKE hurts my wrists, Dad!!! And dad is upset because HE bought the darn bike for her.. oh ungrateful he says but he doesn’t understand it’s nuts to be leaning on your wrists.

    for rec riding, you need higher up handle bars to be comfy for miles and miles. I would love this bike to give to my hubby so he can join our rides. Next, I want to get that one kid a new comfy bike too.

  60. I love it! I’ve been wanting a beach bike for the longest!

  61. I really love all the customization options for these bikes and the variety of bike types to choose from. So cute!

  62. This would be perfect for my hubby!!!!! We just got a bike for my daughter and son, this would be awesome so he can go bike riding with them 🙂

  63. Cool bike that will fit everyone’s need

  64. These look like great beach cruisers. I would love to have one to give to my honey. We would have a great time.

  65. My husband sure could use a new bike. 🙂

  66. I love that each bike can be customized to fit the needs of a specific person.

    1. Or be able to let people travel and see things they want

  67. How awesome build your own.Nice bikes great gift anyday.

  68. This sounds like a great bike! I would love to win it for my dad!

  69. What a fabulous gift idea! I would love one for myself. Lol. I’ve been asking for a bike for Christmas and birthdays for a couple years now, but no luck. Time to take matters into my own hands.

  70. I have never read about a bike you can build yourself, so this was so interesting to me. I would go for the black color too, like my car color choice, it goes with everything, no? It’s great they will pay for return shipping too, if you are not satisfied. This will make some Dad, a very happy man! Thanks for review and giveaway.

  71. These bikes are super groovy.. would love to win one.

  72. I could see my 8 yr old on her Hello Kitty beach cruiser bike and my husband on this too cute!!

  73. This is such a cool Bike!! This would be such a great Father’s Day gift for my Son, as he really needs a new Bike so that he can go riding with my 2 Grandkids 🙂 Thanks for this chance!!

  74. Awesome bike! My husband would love it! Would be great to take to Santa Cruz!

  75. Fantastic bike!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  76. This bike looks great for my son-in-law. It would make a fantastic Father’s Day gift for him. He is a wonderful father to my 2 granddaughters. I love that you can customize your bike.

  77. This would be fantastic to take rides with my nephew. Thank yiu

  78. So cool they even offer return shipping if it doesn’t work out! Sounds like a great place to order a bike to your liking!

  79. What a beautiful bike for Father’s day!

  80. I love the style of this. My hubby doesn’t have a bike, so I’m sure he would love this!

  81. This would be perfect for my husband. He deserves to be spoiled on Father’s Day!

  82. Build your own bike! That is such a fantastic concept! I love it! I would imagine it would take me days to make decision on what I would want lol.

  83. My husband would love a new bike for father’s day.Maybe I could borrow it sometime.

  84. I really love the idea of getting a bike custom made the way you want it and it would definitely make agreat father’s day gift for a lot of dads. Thanks.

  85. This would make a fantastic father son project in this house. My husband and so are so not interested in the same things except creating/ building.

  86. My hubby would flip for a beach cruiser for father’s day.

  87. These are awesome bikes. They would be so much fun at the beach!

  88. Wow! That is a seriously nice bike. My husband would be over the moon if he got a custom built bike for Father Day. Your husband must be thrilled with his new bike 🙂

  89. I adore beach cruisers, I would get the Bella Fashionista 7 Speed Women’s 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike for myself.

  90. my husband would love a bike this

  91. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  92. This bike is amazing looking, my hubby would love this, He is such a good papa..

  93. sounds like fun..don’t think dad would ride it,but i wikll..

  94. I’m a stay at home mom. And my husband works so hard for us and it would be nice to go e him something so awesome for Father’s day that he didn’t have to pay for himself lol

  95. This sounds like it be a great bike to have

  96. My husband hasn’t had a New bike since he was in College, and this bike looks AWESOME!!!! It would nake a. TRULY WONDERFUL Father’s Day gift for him!! He works So hard providing for Us….and helping out at church, and helping his friends out….that this would Really BLESS His Father’s Day!! Then we could all go biking down to the Lake in style:-)

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