Get Outside This Winter! How To Brave The Great Outdoors In The Cold.

It’s winter, which means that it’s probably a good idea to barricade ourselves in our homes and not come out again until spring begins. Or is that a bad idea? It sounds appealing, but at the same time it probably wouldn’t be the most emotionally or physically healthy thing to do. On the contrary – this time of year it’s still important to get outside and get some fresh air, even if you don’t feel like it. Here are some tips to help you get outside despite the cold…

Wrap Up Warm


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If you want to stay healthy through the winter, it’s important that you also . We all know that catching a cold from getting cold is an old wives’ tale – colds are viruses that spread from person to person. But you can make an already existing condition like a cold, slight flu or asthma considerably worse, so you should try to wrap up. Wear a hat that covers your ears and a scarf that covers your chest and the top of your back. Go for cozy woolen mittens to keep your hands warm. If, like many of us, you’re a tech addict, get some gloves with fingertips that can work touchscreen phones.

Use Your Back Yard


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If you live in a house, then lucky you – you’ve got the great outdoors right at your fingertips. Okay, so it’s hardly a nature reserve or a forest, but you can still get out there to enjoy some fresh air and to get your kids to run off some of their mid-afternoon energy. If your back yard isn’t at a standard that you enjoy, make a list of plants or trees that you could put in when spring comes, and get in touch with landscaping services to help.

Get Active


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 If you find it hard to exercise in the winter, then now’s the time to make a fresh start. It can be hard to force yourself to go out when it’s cold but if you’re moving around then you’ll get warm much more quickly than you otherwise would. Get up ten minutes earlier and park a little further away from your office, or get off the bus or train a stop early on your way home so that you have to walk the extra distance. You could also start running – just make sure that you buy running shoes with plenty of grip so you don’t slip over! You might have to give this one a miss if it’s icy outside.

 Go Hiking


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 If you want to turn exercise into a family activity, then there’s nothing better than going hiking together. Pick a local area of natural beauty, put on your walking shoes and wrap up warm. You could also ban electronics for the trip so your kids don’t start texting or listening to music (but you should still make sure you have a cell phone with you in case of an emergency! You’ll find that you have some great family conversations, and if you have a family dog then he or she will be delighted to accompany you.





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