Fun Ways to Surprise Your Kids for their Birthday

Celebrating your kids‘ birthdays are by far the best excuse there is to spoil and love them a little extra. As a parent, you never forget the moment when your little ones‘ faces spark with joy and surprise as they open their birthday presents. So, when it comes to birthdays, you usually know what can be the best gift that you can choose for your kids. However, the way you are going to give them this gift is what adds to the magic. Surprising your kids in the most interesting and fun way possible is not an easy task; hence we are offering you in this article, as an inspiration, our favorite fun ways to surprise your birthday girl/boy.

Throw a surprise birthday party at home

Throwing a surprise birthday party is all-time favorite fun idea for your kids’ birthday. Depending on what type of party you want them to have, you can do a morning or an evening surprise party. The best way to plan a morning surprise birthday party at home is to prepare everything after the child falls asleep. This way you will make sure that the surprise is ready in the morning. As an idea, place a helium balloon above your child’s bed, so it’s the first thing seen in the morning. In addition, prepare your child’s favorite meal for breakfast and enjoy it together, as a family. If you are more up for a surprise birthday party in the evening, where you can also invite your wider family and his/her friends, you can prepare everything while your kid is at school. Make finger food or decorate the table for a birthday dinner. If you have some party supplies, use them to create a special atmosphere. For example, fill the living room with balloons. Hide notes in the balloons and invite the birthday girl/boy to pop it. The note inside can be an invitation to an interesting activity for her/him or for their friends as well. In the end, think of a really delicious dessert. Surprise them with a birthday cake or some delicious muffins. It is never too early or too late for birthday sweets.

Plan a surprise family trip

Taking a spontaneous (or really well-planned) family road trip, trip to Disneyland or simply visiting favorite grandparents is one of the most beautiful birthday surprises. However, if you are limited with time and resources, you can plan shorter trips, like a trip to the zoo, picnic or nearly any place your kids really want to see. Trips (especially vacations) bring joy not just to the birthday girl/boy, but also to the entire family. Needless to say, you do the planning, but don’t let your kids in on the secret. And how to actually announce it? Well, that depends entirely on your imagination. You can organize a scavenger hunt for clues that lead to a treasure chest with the giveaway inside or just spontaneously announce that you are all heading out on adventure. You know your kids best, so it is your call.

A “yes day”

Every birthday girl/boy deserves a “yes day”. This is a day when you accept all your child’s ideas and proposals. Yes, they can be quite unusual (like eating from a Nutella jar in her/his bed), but you will be surprised how many little and ordinary things make your kid happy. Naturally, you can still set some rules that the child is not allowed to break, like not doing dangerous things, but letting your child decide what you will do (instead the other way around) can be really fun for both of you! If you are not prepared for a full day of this, you can start with a “yes morning” to see how it goes.

A movie night birthday marathon

Plan a movie night birthday marathon with your child’s favorite movies. You can organize it as a family night or it can be a sleepover party where your kid’s friends will join. Try to decorate the place like a home theater. This will create an authentic and inviting atmosphere. Make sure your furniture is comfortable or create super comfy blanket-fort-type nests all over the room and your furniture. Come up with surprise food ahead of time that will delight your kids. Popcorn with lots of toppings, muffins or homemade pizza. If all goes well, you could make movie night marathons a favorite family and friends‘ weekly routine.

Toy gifts

Let’s face it, the majority of parents buy their kids toys for birthdays. There is nothing wrong with that. Kids love toys. Finding the hot toys, the best toys, but above all the right toys for your kid is not always an easy task. Ideas can include new books, puzzles, Twister or PlayStation. Not to mention stuffed toys, especially for younger kids. They love stuffed animals’ toys since they are cozy and comfortable, and help kids sleep better. So, deciding on the right toy takes time and energy, but figuring out a fun way to give the toy requires imagination. Do not worry! Here we are offering you two of our favorite ideas:

  • Buy small, inexpensive toy gifts so that the kids can open the same amount of presents as they are old. They will be amazed! Turning 5 years old? You are lucky! You get 5 gifts!
  • How about establishing a new birthday tradition where the birthday girl/boy gets a surprise gift the night before their birthday? Imagine the smile on their face when you notify them of this special surprise. The only thing is that the present is hidden and it must be found. You can give your kids clues or tell them if they are hot or cold when searching for the gift. Anticipation is sometimes better than the actual present!

Since surprises make childhood more magical and are a great way to show your kids how much you love them, do not stop with this. Long-lasting memories are not created only for birthdays. Best surprises are the ones without occasion and shared, so pick a random day and get the kids involved in surprising each other! To boost their creativity, let them think of their own ideas to surprise their siblings. You can always inspire them by suggesting one or two from the list above. As you can tell, they are not birthday exclusive.




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