Facing Loved Ones After Rehab

Anyone who has experienced substance abuse, whether firsthand or through watching a loved one go through it, knows just how destructive it can be. However, if you allow yourself to fall into an addiction, it is not necessarily the end. You can bring yourself back to sobriety and a productive life.

 It is worth mentioning that not everyone is going to be willing to forgive you right away, and some people may never forgive you. This is unfortunate, but you have to accept it and move on, continuing to be the best person you can be in this new chapter of your life. If you have just undergone substance abuse treatment, for example, and are coming home from time spent at an Above It All alcohol treatment center, it is likely going to be a period of major adjustment for everyone involved. There are many ways in which family members and other loved ones can be affected by a substance abuse problem. Not only would they likely have been worried about you and whether you would ever be able to pull yourself out of this, but you may have done things to alienate them or otherwise hurt them while you were under the influence.

Even though you may have worked hard in rehab to recover your old identity and overcome your addiction, other people may not necessarily know that. Even if they do know it, they might take a long time to be able to trust you again. You have to understand that they are coping with their own emotions, and it is best for you to be patient with them during this process.

Gifts for the kids – a zombie toy for the monster movie fan or a science playset for an aspiring engineer – will be a good intro to rebuilding your relationships with children in the home. Children will be more likely to open back up and forgive you if you give them small tokens of affection, but we caution against hinging too much on this stratagem. It is not enough that you behave well and buy toys for kids; you also need to earn the trust back from your family members in order to truly rebuild the relationships that have been damaged.

 In addition to rebuilding the relationships, staying sober is an important part of this next chapter in your life. When you are stressed out that things are not necessarily going your way with family members, you may be tempted to turn back to your substance of choice to numb the pain. However, if you do this, it will likely just undo all of the hard work that you have done and make it so that you have to start back at square one with rehab and getting your sobriety back.

You need to make sure that you are determined to stay sober once you are out of rehab; this will make it much more likely that you will eventually get your life back to where you want it to be, even if it does not necessarily look like it is going to happen at first. As hard as it may seem to stay on track, you just have to make sure that every day is a day that you have done your best in terms of trying to rebuild everything that was damaged by your addiction.


If you keep on with your efforts for a long time, you will surely see that they are starting to pay off. You may have to accept that not everyone will forgive you, but you can make things as positive as possible. An important aspect of outpatient treatment that many people over look is location. Its always better to seek treatment as far away from home as possible. For example, if you live in Texas, it might be best for you to seek outpatient drug rehab in Washington State. This will help you remain focused on your recovery process instead of being in the same social environment that enabled your addiction.



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    There are numerous approaches in which family participants and different loved ones may be affected by a substance abuse problem.


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