Education is the key!

Wow, seems like yesterday my daughter was in the second grade. Now she’s  in Middle School and I tell you her math skills are Awesome! I give a lot of credit to my daughters 2nd grade math teacher Mrs Brown. I enjoyed seeing my daughter explain how Mrs. Brown uses on-line math games to help them learn their math. It was hard for my oldest back when she was in math they didn’t have all the new math on-line games and technique like they do now. I’m sure if they would have had on-line math games taught back then I’m sure her math skills would have excelled also. To see how math is being implemented in our schools now pleases me!

 Many schools now and days have made it much easier for our children to learn math. With all this new technology and math programs like k-5 math there’s no way your child can’t or should I say won’t learn math. So many 2nd grade math programs can be accessed right from your home. They have the ability to run theses math programs to not only catch a child’s attention but also giving them math skills that will help them in society. We know games and technology gadgets are the key’s to opening that education door.

It’s so important to help your child become self- reliant  and to help them achieve there goals in math. When you do this you are giving your child the ability to develop confidence and problem-solving skills. I use to always hear my children say Mom we won’t be using math when we grow up and I’ve always told them Yes you will. Math is and will always be apart of out daily lives whether you are applying for a job or just in daily living  you will utilize math skills one way or another.

I say to every parent, Education is the key and math is the door .So take the time to make sure your children are getting the proper math skills to help them along the way.

A Caringmom

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