Dos & Don’ts Of Managing Bedwetting!!!

Bed wetting can become very stressful to a child and adult. Sometimes they feel like they are alone, that no one really understands them….even their parents or spouse. There is no reason for anyone to feel ashamed, there are many methods of helping bed wetters.

There are many Do & Don’t when it comes to bed wetters:


1) Be positive with your child and show understanding.

2) Talk to your child. It’s helpful for your child to know if other family members have wet the bed. Let her/him know that many other children face this, and that it’s not him/her fault.

3) Recognize success in other areas of childs life. Don’t make your praise and encouragement focus around bed wetting. Celebrate other areas of his/her life which they may be succeeding in school,music,arts..etc…

4) Take the time to talk to your childs doctor.


1) Do not scold, embarrass or punish your child.This can be emotionally harmful for your child.

2) Do not allow other family members to tease your child.

3) Don’t make your child feel guilty…bed wetting is a medical problem not a behavioral problem.

Last but not least….make sure to take time with your child, giving them as much support and love as possible.

Always speak to your childs physican for further information!!!

Thanks, A Caringmom


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