Did you have a Spooky Halloween?

This year I believe was the best Halloween the kids and I enjoyed in a long time. We decided that after we  went trick o treating we were going to visit a few Haunted Houses. Now keep in mind I usually don’t visit haunted houses, I usually have the kids dress up in their cool Halloween costumes and take them out to the malls and around the neighborhood but this time we all agreed to visit a Haunted House!

It appeared that everyone had the same ideal as we did for the minute we finished trick o treating we saw some of the same people in line waiting to get into the same  haunted houses. Yes I said houses, these kids of mine wanted to attend three so my husband and I were ready, we knew they weren’t going to make it past the first one.

The kids were dressed up so cute, the baby was the lion from the Wizard Of OZ, my youngest daughter was a creepy looking witch, my oldest daughter, well lets say she had purple hair and purple pumps…lol not sure what she was but she was purple down..lol and my grand-kids both worn their iron-man costumes, they looked so adorable. My oldest son didn’t want to dress up nor did I but Daniel stated if he did he would check out Mr.Costumes so he could have found the appropriate adult costume.

As for the Haunted Houses, lets say we all made it through the first one without any problems. Don’t  worry the little kids didn’t attend my sister took them home with her. But that second Haunted House, lets just say we didn’t make it through!! Everyone of us ran back out, yes even the men…lol. After that we all decided that there will be no number #3 Haunted House, we simply walked back to the house and laughed at each other all night!


Did you have a Spooky Halloween too?


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