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Fall Candles

I love the fall season, such a beautiful time of year. All the tree leaves changing to so many pretty colors and the cool air makes me want to relax every chance I can. This is the time of year where I love to have candles burning throughout my home. The fresh scented smell of all my candles burning sure do make the house smell joyful and relaxing.

I had a chance to visit Crafted Candles online website and boy do they have a large selection of candles. I can’t wait to get the Red Oak Leaf Floating Candles – (Set of 3) shown above. I love finding candles that are different and Crafted Candles has so many unique ones. I know when friends and family come over they are sure to ask me where did I get the Red Oak Leaf Floating Candles.

Crafted Candles has candles for all occasions, Halloween, Fall, Christmas, Winter and more. They come in many colors and sizes some are hand dipped. Can’t stand the smell of scented candles, don’t worry,Crafted Candles can still meet your needs with unscented candles.

I saw this selection of Christmas Candles listed, I’m sure I will be purchasing a few for my home as well as gifts for my family and friends.

Christmas Candles

They are just so cute and very colorful!

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