Combi USA Has Just What Mom & Baby Need, #rockNroll

One thing for sure, having a baby is such a blessing, but having two is what my mom would say a Double Blessing from GOD indeed! The moment we get the news from our physician our brain goes into overload. We begin to think, what do we need, will everything be ok, oh lord my body will change, how can I make sure to stay healthy, I’m scared, and what baby accessories will we need.

Well, the best part about needing baby accessories will no longer be a worry and here’s why, will meet all your baby needs with ease. This company carries an array of good, quality, well made products for mom and baby.

Today we want to showcase two awesome products I’m sure both mom and baby will love. First, we have the Combi USA Fold N Go Double Stroller 

Now this will be the perfect double stroller for mom’s with twins, even if you don’t have twins if you have children that fall within the weight capacity requirements, you can stroll along both kids in the Combi USA Fold N Go Double Stroller. When you see just how spacious this double stroller really is, you’ll be able to go for long walks, stroll along at amusement parks, and enjoy any all-day excursions.

Now we received the Combi USA Fold N Go stroller in a big box. Included in the box were the wheels, the canopies, three cup holders, a snack holder and the stroller! The process is very simple to complete your Fold N Go Double Stroller, don’t worry, there are directions to assist you in case you need them.

Once completed you will see the stroller is definitely big enough to hold both toddlers comfortably. I had my husband start on putting our “Fold N Go!” so we could place Jada inside so we could visit the Zoo, but he hasn’t had a chance to lock in all the parts since he was called back on the road for his job. With the weekend coming soon and the Fourth of July coming within the next few days, he will have to complete the stroller so we can visit the park for our annual picnic. But above you will see just how the Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller will look.

Finding a double stroller that can comfortably hold both children and have the maneuverability you need can be a hassle at times, but not anymore. Combi USA created just what every family needs when seeking to find a double stroller for both younger and older kids!

Here’s more about the Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller:

The Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller provides ultimate convenience while encompassing a lightweight, compact, and portable design. The self-standing stroller fits through a standard doorway and features a one-hand quick fold and sleek aluminum frame. Two padded seats include 5-point harness systems with plush harness pads for your children’s comfort. The extra-large canopies with mesh ventilation windows enable you to keep an eye on your children at all times and also allows air to flow easily in and out of the seating area of the stroller. Dual front wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride while the lockable front swivel wheels improve maneuverability.  You can learn more here.

Now on to our next great product from Combi, it’s called the  All-in-One Mobile Entertainer

When I tell you baby accessories has changed from when I had my first child, they have! I mean, who would have even thought to create something so cool like this All-in-One Mobile Entertainer. The Combi all-in-one is a classic car-themed entertainment center that allows your child to stand, jump and explore his surroundings. The mobile entertainer has a three-position height adjustment and functions as a walker with a lockable jumper feature. The electronic play tray features fun sounds, lights, mirrors and toys to entertain and stimulate your little one. The car hood can be removed to create a large tray surface for snacks and drinks.

The moment you place your son or daughter in the All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, you better believe the fun will begin with them honking the horn, strolling around the house, jumping up and down, and enjoying the musical feature that are also included. Now tell me this isn’t a cool walker! It’s recommended for children up to 30 lbs .


Well, I have to tip my hat off to Combi USA for creating some awesome, well made, baby accessories that every parent would be excited to have!! You can visit Combi USA here to see their wide selection of baby accessories!


Now Combi USA has been kind enough to offer one lucky parent  the chance to win one of their cute All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, just click banner below to enter.



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4 thoughts on “Combi USA Has Just What Mom & Baby Need, #rockNroll

  • July 7, 2017 at 9:12 am

    What banner do you click for the giveaway? The “It’s a giveaway” just leads you to the location of the graphic itself, not an actual giveaway. Just a heads up. Anyways, I always had complicated strollers when my kids were little, I never know how to use them. lol. The car bouncy seat is really sweet, they never had those when my kids were little.

  • July 6, 2017 at 12:25 am

    It is a good thing my kids are not that little anymore or I would be heading out the door today to go get one of these strollers! Too bad I didn’t have twins!

  • July 5, 2017 at 1:09 am

    We had a double stroller when our kids were younger. It was a lifesaver anytime we went out or went on vacation. I love that Mobile Entertainer/Walker and it comes in Red!!!

  • July 4, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    Yes, that stroller would be perfect for a mom with twins or a mom who needs some extra storage space. The mobile entertainer looks enjoyable for any baby. It comes in cute colors, too.


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