What would be the best time to buy a snow blower, December? Wrong!

Image Credit Most of us are impulse buyers, can’t plan or think far ahead especially when it’s about the weather. The most popular mistake we make when it comes to winter is, when the first snow falls in the first days of December, we all rush to the local gardening or department store to get that must have blower. Problem is, it has just snowed and may still snow for

Winter Fashion Tips for When It’s Really Cold

Admittedly, as summer rolls into fall, everyone is excited about revamping his or her wardrobe. The breezy, easy fashion that comes along with the warm weather is great, but the crispy cool autumn air offers you just as many options. On the other hand, when fall turns to winter, multiple layers become mandatory as opposed to an option you choose, eventually you start running out of cute cold weather outfits

Prepare Your Car For The Winter With These Cold-Busting Tips

(image) Not only do you need to protect yourself in the cold winter weather, but you need to look after your car as well. Some simple maintenance tips will ensure you aren’t stranded because of a breakdown, and our valuable advice will keep everybody travelling with you safe if disaster does strike while you are out in your car. Visit your garage If you don’t know the first things about

Pamper Your Man This Winter

Image Source Unlike women that have been encouraged to pamper themselves from an early age, whether this is though a slumber party involving face masks, hair curling, and bizarre make-up attempts, or having a bath with cucumber on your eyes after a hard day at the office… men, on the other hand, have been conditioned against pampering themselves, as “real men” don’t use moisturizer and so on.  This archaic view

Staying Safe while Staying Warm this Winter.

Image Credit Winter is poised to strike the Northern hemisphere, bringing with it colder temperatures, especially above the Snow Belt. For residents of Connecticut and the rest of the northeastern United States, keeping warm is important. Thankfully, there are several methods to stay warm during the winter months including kerosene heaters, fireplaces and pellet stoves and backup generators to keep the electricity flowing for electric heat. However, there are things