Recovering Damages: Choose a Medical Malpractice Attorney Based on the Following 5 Traits

Image Credit The sad reality is that errors in the medical field are now the third leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease (number one) and cancer (number two) and just before respiratory diseases (number four). While this is often not intentional nor due to poor practice, seeking an attorney for injuries or […]

Get Ready for Summer with the First Aid Starter Pack from me4Kidz! @me4kidz

Now that we have entered summer it seems kids are more prone to injuring themselves more than ever. I take it with the nice weather kids just become more of a daredevil and of course we do know sometimes things just happen ….right! Well, now is the best time to prepare for any injury. But, […]

What is a Large Stroke?

 Image Credit A serious health complication, a stroke is caused by the disruption of the blood flow to the brain. The magnitude of the stroke depends on the area of the brain which is affected by the stroke. There are various categories in which a stroke is divided as per its severity. Large stroke or […]

Advances in Pulse Oximeter Technology.

Image Credit Although most people believe that they have never used a pulse oximeter, almost all of us have throughout our lives. The small, pocket sized devices that nurses and physicians place on your fingertip at the beginning of every appointment is a pulse oximeter. So what are these tiny devices measuring? Pulse oximeters are […]

The Top 5 Reasons To Attend A Medical Conference.

Image credit: Pixabay If you’re in the medical field, you’ve almost certainly heard of medical conferences, and even considered going to a few. Or perhaps you’ve already gone to some, but did not see the entire benefit of doing so. There are actually several good reasons that anyone connected to the medical field should attend […]