10 Super Low Carb Foods You Can Add Into Your Keto Diet

Image Credit Apart from your usual keto diet meal plans, there are several foods you can incorporate in your diet while keeping your carbohydrate count low. The following list will help you diligently follow your low-carb diet without breaking the rules. In reality, almost all foods have carbohydrates in some level. Even ‘zero carb’ foods still have a small a mount of negligible carbs. These keto foods are a part

Genetics and Addiction: How Genetics Factor Play a Role in Addiction

Image Credit Addiction is a complex disease. It can be genetic like other different diseases. There is 50 percent chance that someone can get into substance addiction by genetic influence. Genetic factors play an important role in addiction. Numerous studies suggest that heritability accounts for about 40% to 60% of the risk for alcohol and other drug addiction (opiates and cocaine). Several genetic linkages and association studies are in progress

Health Supplements and the Benefits to Your Body

Health is wealth. This is the reason why many people are willing to do everything just to maintain a healthy body. Many people go to the gym to lose excess fat, tone their muscles, and improve their stamina and endurance. Others eat a healthy balanced diet, especially foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Some people perform Zumba and yoga as a way of shaking of the fats and stress and improve not

The Perfect Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Image Credit Are you among those numerous people out there who are trying hard to lose weight, but nothing is going according to your plan and the scale is not budging. This is the story of most of our lives. We put ourselves through sheer torture by eating unappetizing looking salad and soup for a week and then go back to our former routine of hogging everything on sight, right

Ways to Cope with Overwhelming Emotions

Image Credit There are periods in life where emotions can get the best of you. Some things are easy to move past, while others take a long time and a great deal of strength. When negative events happen simultaneously or are especially difficult and beyond your control, it can seem like the best thing to do is numb the pain. Temporary moments of relief, for some, is better than nothing

Types of Vertigo and Can You Treat It?

Image Source: Flickr Many of us are confronted with feelings of dizziness during certain times of our life. One of the most confusing ones to experience certainly has to be vertigo. When you suffer from vertigo, you are under the impression that your surroundings are moving or spinning, which is an illusion of movement. Although it is generally non-threatening, dealing with this type of lightheadedness can become unpleasant after a

CBD Offers Hope

Entrepreneur and award winner ( 2015 entrepreneur of the year) Cassandra Hope is a 36-year-old RHN (registered holistic nutritionist). She is a healthy and happy certified personal trainer and life coach who resides in Leslieville, Toronto. The IBS Academy was founded by her, as was the Health style by Cassandra Hope program. These days, Cassandra lives an uplifting, positive, and spiritual life, but things weren’t always so peaceful. Cassandra overcame

Pros and Cons of Natural Supplements

Image Credit There has long been a debate about the efficacy of nutritional supplements. Those who are against them believe that diet alone is the most effective way to obtain the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Advocates of nutritional supplements believe that diet may not be the enough to get the necessary nutrients the body needs and supplements makes up for what our diets lack. Which side of

Benefits of Meditation

Image Credit  Trying to find time to exercise, get a proper night’s sleep and eat a balanced diet can be exhausting. If you practice medication, even just five minutes a day, you can restore balance in your life. Once you get into the habit of meditation, you can take a few moments throughout your day to revitalize yourself and get the energy to carry on. Just some of the benefits

Mitigating Anxiety When The Going Gets Rough

Image Credit It’s a fact – everyone, and by everyone I mean 99.9999% of all humans, has experienced anxiety in some form at least once in their lives. Anxiety is a word we use to describe how the human body operates in response to our cognizant or subconscious realizations of stressful, dangerous, or both stressful and dangerous situations. As we know all too well, humans aren’t perfect, and neither are

5 Common Misconceptions About Hospice Care

When a loved one in your family is chronically ill, you of course do everything you possibly can to cure them and restore them to full health. But when it becomes apparent that your loved one is suffering needlessly and that there’s nothing modern medicine can do to keep them in this world, it may be time to seek hospice and palliative care instead. It can be difficult to know

How to Fall Asleep Quickly And Healthy

Having a good sleep is very important for people. However, some are annoying for they could not sleep quickly at night. Hence, some ways are recommended here: Drink a glass of warm milk Milk contains two kinds of hypnotic material, one is L tryptophan, and the other is the peptide. They have the function of relieving fatigue and promoting sleep. Therefore, you can drink a glass of warm milk before

Spider Veins: What Are My Treatment Options?

Image Credit Spider veins are currently manageable in many safe ways. This can be done through diagnostic measures that are effective and relatively painless. Among such measures is the common one which involves collapsing and fading away of the vein. The procedure is done by injecting each affected vein by a treatment solution hence clearing the underlying issues. Besides, spider vein can also be removed by other modes of treatments

Keep Your Health In Check With Vivitar VFit Cardo Bluetooth Tracker

Lately I have noticed my body changing in so many ways and I’ve had just about every test I know of to help get my body back in order. You see, as we get older our body begins to change from our weight, mind, organs, hair, skin and more. I have found that even my bones hurt at times, so I’ve been doing more to get my health back on

How to Deal with Addiction and Other Mental Issues in Others

Image Credit Many people do not know just how powerful mental health problems can be, but the truth is that they can be just as hard to deal with as health problems that are more immediately visible. In fact, they can cause such significant changes in people that they end up alienating their coworkers and others close to them on a daily basis. Because too many people are not aware

What is a Large Stroke?

 Image Credit A serious health complication, a stroke is caused by the disruption of the blood flow to the brain. The magnitude of the stroke depends on the area of the brain which is affected by the stroke. There are various categories in which a stroke is divided as per its severity. Large stroke or large vessel stroke is one of them. A type of ischemic stroke, large vessel stroke

Hot Flashes, Mood Swings? Reduce Symptoms Of The Menopause Naturally

The menopause is a completely natural biological process, sometimes with frustrating and annoying symptoms! The menopause marks the end of fertility, when the functions of the ovaries stop. It is a gradual process normally starting in a woman’s late forties and early fifties. Occasionally the menopause can begin early, such as in a woman’s thirties. Certain illnesses can bring on an early onset of the menopause such as eating disorders

Aging And Brain Plasticity: The Benefits Of Music Lessons

In the 21st century, the lifespan of humans has been extended by modern science, so that we can now expect to live to between eighty and ninety years of age, barring any unforeseen incidents. This means that our development, in both personal and professional spheres can be much longer than the development of previous generations. Additionally, the 21st-century scarcity of job stability, tenured positions and jobs that offer reliable pensions

Kratom powder and its benefits

Kratom powder comes from a specific classification of plants which is grown in some of the Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar. It often comes in different forms such as powdered, raw leaves and capsules. Many users are in favor of Kratom powder due to its practicality, versatility and efficiency. This powder has been in the news in recent times and it can be viewed on

Why Should You Add Casein Supplements to your daily Regimen?

For the past couple of years, there is an argument which protein source is the best is it casein or whey. However, identifying which one of the best is extremely difficult simply because both of them have their own advantages as well as advantages. Nevertheless, the main reason why whey protein is more dominant than casein is that whey is absorbed very fast. In other words it breakdowns amino acids