Image Credit With increasing public concern about the potential negative impacts of antibiotics and growth hormones given to dairy cows, more and more people are now exploring alternatives or supplements to cow’s milk. Naturally, people are turning to milked nuts and grains in this search for a substitute, and theRead More →

Image Credit The juicing industry has taken many by a storm. It is estimated to be a multibillion-dollar industry. However, the health implications of these juices are unknown to many. It is a fact, fruits have nutritional value and science has proven that. No doubt, nutritional experts recommend a dailyRead More →

Lately I’ve had more than 4 doctor appointments back to back. I’m trying so hard to keep my health up and bring down my weight. Trust me, it’s a lot harder to lose weight when you’re older! Seems as though it’s taking me forever. So my goal is to just take one dayRead More →