Why The Smell Of Your Newborn Baby Is Intoxicating

Babies are so precious and from the moment they are conceived until the day they are born they already make an impression on their parents and family. When Aria was born all I would hear from the kids and others is “WOW She Smells So Good”! The way the kids would smell all over her I once told them, kids none of you guys stink lol but seriously there’s something

How Entertainment and Leisure Affect Family Ties

Image Credit Leisure is an essential channel through which parental role is enacted. It helps in the development of children and provides stimulating recreational activities, and when parents take part in entertainment and leisure, they derive satisfaction because they feel they are facilitating learning. Besides helping children, leisure also plays a key role in reinforcing the ties within a family and could be used as a solution to bring people

Understanding Senior Living Now and Beyond 2018

Senior living expectations and demands are constantly evolving. Over the past few years, we’ve seen multiple changes, particularly in regard to the administrative decisions that have impacted the senior healthcare system. Along with the economic shifts, there is a lot expected from seniors and their families as well as regulatory bodies in senior living options, medications provided, caregiver requirements, technology and other aspects. Image Credit There’s no doubt that a

Tips For Spending More Time With Your Family

Modern consumers have tons of responsibilities on their shoulders. They’re required to work hard for their family to provide for them. This can make life very difficult. It also makes it difficult for parents to have time to spend with their loved ones. Whenever you get the opportunity, you should definitely spend time with your significant other and children. How can you find more spare time to spend with these

A Family That Drives Safely Together, Stays Together

Image Credit To the modern family, it’s safe to say that driving is very much a normal part of everyday life. Most families own at least car and will drive every day. So much so, that driving probably isn’t considered dangerous. It’s just something that you do to get to where you need to be. But when you strip it all back, you know that being on the roads does

It’s here, it's here, out on DVD, Digital, and On Demand TODAY.......Aliens Ate My Homework! @AliensAteMyHW

If you and the kids love a good adventurous movie watch out now because  I think the entire family will love Aliens Ate My Homework! You see, Aliens Ate My Homework is now out on DVD, Digital, and On Demand today March 6th. Unexpected extraterrestrial guests team up with a pair of middle schoolers to prevent the destruction of the planet in Aliens Ate My Homework, coming to DVD, Digital and

5 Great Father-Son Bonding Activities

The time and energy a father puts into a relationship with his son will make a big impact on shaping the person he will become in the future. A good male role model can make all the difference in a growing boy’s life, but they’ve got to really spend time with said role model for the impression to stick. What Makes an Activity a Bonding One? Some activities have so


It’s important that parents spend time with their children, finding out about their day, discussing things that are important to them and learning about their friends and interests. This time with your kids is precious, especially if you work a job and they go to school. You may not have a lot of time to spend together each day, and you want to make the most of it. In order

Seussical The Musical Coming To Riverbank Theatre , come one,  come all to see!!

Well, I don’t know about you but I’ve already marked my calendar to see  Seussical the Musical at the Riverbank Theatre. As a child I have always been intrigued by Dr. Seuss books and so have my kids and now their children also! For many years Dr. Seuss has entered many homes bringing lots of joy to every child who’s ever read his book. The first book I can remember sharing

Going Above and Beyond: Making Sure Your Home and Family are Safe

 Image Credit To most, the home is the safest place you can be. Your house is designed to provide shelter and protection from the many threats, dangers, and risks that lie just outside the front door. While installing home security systems and fire detectors is a great line of defense, burglaries and fires aren’t the only dangers or threats lurking in and around your home. If you want to ensure

Superior Source Giveaway January 24-30, 2018 Open to US

Disclosure: Night Helper Blog is not reasonable for prize, the blogger hosting this giveaway and the company will fulfil prize. This giveaway is also not affiliated with any other brand or social media platform.   Vitamins are always the key to keeping you healthy, that’s why it is so important to invest in the vitamins that are packed with: • Vitamin B12 & B6 with Folic Acid • Vitamin D3

How to Plan a Family Vacation on a Tight Budget

 Image Credit Vacations are one of the best ways to get away from the stress and worry of everyday life for a while, have some fun and make some lasting happy memories with your family. However, if money is tight for you, then going on vacation may not be something that’s at the top of your priority list. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be impossible to

Cremation Diamonds: A More Affordable Funeral Alternative for Many American Families

A Cremation Diamond Ring Funerals are becoming increasingly expensive for two reasons. First of all, the cost of renting a burial space is on the rise across the United States. The second reason is the cost of hosting the funeral itself. A more affordable alternative to the traditional funeral is needed, and there is a solution worth considering: cremation diamond. Diamonds Made from Ashes: A New Trend Taking Off in

4 Prudent Parenting Tips for Raising a Teenager with Asthma.

 Image Credit Raising a teenager is tough enough, but becomes considerably more challenging when you throw conditions such as asthma into the mix. Thankfully, managing your child’s symptoms doesn’t have to take a toll on their mental and physical well-being. Sure, there might be a few roadblocks along the way, but no parent should feel powerless as their child deals with asthma. Whether your child has suddenly developed asthma or

Talking to Your Teenager About Drunk Driving

 Image credit Kids tend to grow up fast in this modern world. They are exposed to a whole host of ideas and opportunities that were not available just a generation ago. Unfortunately, not all of those opportunities are good. Along with new information, ideas, and avenues for self-expression, the chance to engage in risky behavior, like drinking, becomes very real. Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About Drunk Driving

Securing Your Loved Ones At Home.

Image Credit Feeling safe at home is one of the highest priorities for any family. No one wants to worry about break-ins and home invasions that threaten our safety. We want that warm bed, cozy living room, and the sanctuary of our kitchens. We want to know that the things we have worked hard to purchase will stay there. So how do we make sure that our home is as

Genealogy for the Whole Family.

5 family fun projects you can share with your children and learn about your ancestors When people think about genealogy, they usually imagine adults meticulously researching and identifying people to add to their family trees. Generally, it is not thought of as a family fun project your children will enjoy. There are, however, many areas of genealogy that can be interesting and fun for the entire family. Image Credit Family

Night Helper Baby & Toddler Guide. Featuring Finn + Emma Baby Essential Collections. @finnandemma       

If you’re an expecting mom or already have that little one at home, we have many great products to share with you today! So grab your pen and paper, your coffee or tea, and prepare to see some awesome Baby/ Toddler gift idea for your bundle of joy! From now until next week the Night Helper Blog will be showcasing some great products that every mom will love. We’ll make sure to

Technology And Caregivers Increase Independence.

Image Credit  Advances in medicine have made it possible for more and more people to live with conditions that would have once been fatal. And now, technology is making it easier for those same people to remain at home instead of spending the rest of their lives in a medical facility. The impact on their finances and health is difficult to measure but clearly significant. As a result of that

Three Ways to Make Being a Parent for the First Time a Little Bit Easier.

Image Credit Parenthood can be very overwhelming at first because there are so many differences in life that come all at once. While there are gadgets and gizmos available that can make the daily routine of parenthood easier, there are other things that you can do to make your baby’s life as fulfilling and enjoyable as it can possibly be. The guide that follows provides you with a few ways