2018 Summer Guide

Atmosfx Digital Decorating Kit Helps You Take Decorating To The Next Level

“D-Did a ghost just cross my doorway?!” “Oh wow! Those balloons weren’t real? No way!” “Ah! The undead are knocking at my window!” “Thanks for the indoor fireworks, Honey. They make being sick on the 4th of July better.” What do these phrases have in common? Any takers? No? Silly, it’s the Atmosfx Digital Decorating Kit! The ingenious AtmosFX team focus on taking celebrations to the next level with their

Get Ready for Summer with the First Aid Starter Pack from me4Kidz! @me4kidz

Now that we have entered summer it seems kids are more prone to injuring themselves more than ever. I take it with the nice weather kids just become more of a daredevil and of course we do know sometimes things just happen ….right! Well, now is the best time to prepare for any injury. But, to be honest medical preparedness should be taken more serious regardless if it’s summer or not.

Let The Pool Fun Begin With The "Eaten Alive" SwimWays Float @SwimWays

Yessss honey, we finally have reached some record high weather and what better way to cool off then in a pool. This weekend weather is going to be over 90 degrees and with the humidity it is said it will get over 101 degrees. That’s really HOT!! So hot that my husband went and purchased my grandkids a pool, so they can stay cool these next few days and months. Well,