Keep Your Dorm Room and Home Smelling Fresh with Floral Simplicity Sachets! @FloralSimp

Now that my daughter is headed back to college I couldn’t agree more with her wanting to take along a few Floral Simplicity sachets. You see the moment she saw the Floral Simplicity sachets collection on my table before long she had already picked out her favorite and added them to her luggage. Now when […]

Teach My Kindergartener Learning Kit, Helping Children Succeed Everyday! @teachmy

As a parent of a preschooler I am always looking for learning products to help accelerate my child’s learning in many areas! It’s so important to kick start your child’s learning early this way when they enter the school setting they will have a jump on many of the subjects. Starting your child’s education early […]

Send Your Student Back to School with The Map Messenger Bags from the NYC Subway. @NYCSubwayLine

Now that Lex is back in college the first thing I thought about was making her commute a little less stressful in every way. Even though she only have a few classes a week she still needs to have everything in order from transportation, to books, to backpacks and more. Somedays her book load is […]

Jada’s Headed To School with Her Dabbawalla Go Fetch Dog Backpack, #backtoschool @TheGrommet

Now that school is back in session it’s time to grab a few “Back to School” essentials for the kids. With three kids heading back my supply list has become longer and longer. You see, we have three kids attending three different schools this year, Jalen is now in junior high, Jordan in middle school, […]