Don’t Be Alarmed! It’s Christmas! Check Out Witti Designs Beddi Glow – Intelligent Alarm Clock With Wake-Up Light . #HolidayGuide @WittiDesign       

We all have those mornings where we are awakened by a startled jump and realize we have forgotten to set the alarm clock! We’ve had to reschedule appointments, been late for work and missed meetings with friends. Sometimes we keep the curtains closed and the sunlight that would normally wake us up is not in […]

2017 Mother’s Day Guide Featuring LA KAISER Vermeil Collection”3 Wishes” Opal and Diamond Pendant.

For the next few days we will be sharing many wonderful “Mothers Day Gifts”, we will also share a link to each brand so you can visit them and purchase your own special gift for Mom! Wow, Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday? All this week we will be sharing with you some wonderful gifts that […]