2017 Father’s Day Guide

Father's Day Guide, Featuring Craftsman 4-PC PLIERS SET From Sears!

June 18th is Father’s Day and if you’re looking for a gift for dad, I think we have a gift that will work perfectly! Tools are always a plus when you gift them to dad, I don’t think any man can turn down any type of tools. Let me just say, if your dad is anything like my husband, then he to I’m sure use a lot of tools for DIY projects,

Father's Day Gift Guide, a gift from Hammacher Schlemmer‎ that will make any Dad Happy!

On June 18th many people will be celebrating Father’s Day! It’s a day where many dad’s will sit back and enjoy their day, whether it’s dining out, watching a good movie, relaxing in his favorite chair, or just enjoying opening up his gifts from his kids! If you’re anything like me, you too, just don’t know what to get Dad this year since he never ask for anything, but he