Budsies- They Bring Your Children Artwork To Life! #Giveaway kids

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, I did receive a product and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own


Have you ever heard of Budsies before? Well, let me just say I have never heard of them before until the company reached out to me a few weeks ago wondering if I would do a review /giveaway for them. After a little researching off their site I saw where they mentioned that their concept was to bring your kids drawings to life by transforming it into an adorable custom hand-sewn stuffed animal.

Of course, my first reaction was… Really! Your team is that good that they can actually take any child’s drawing and transform it into a cute custom animal. Well, I guess I need to say they put my skepticism to rest without a doubt.

My youngest daughter might I say is an awesome illustrator, she has talent that will blow you away every detail of her drawings are awesome and crafted with such care and love. So I asked her to share with me a sketch of one of her favorite characters without her knowing what I wanted with it she shared this one with me. This is NeNeji Hyuga from the kids Naruto Show.


As you can see her details are awesome and no I’m not saying that because she’s my daughter, I’m saying that because her drawings are great for a 12 year old!

So off the drawing  went to the Budsies Company. It took about maybe two weeks and suddenly it happen lol, the box arrived. I was so excited, but I didn’t want to open it until she arrived home from school. She saw the box laying on the chair and asked if she could open it. Of course I stated!

Next all I heard was a LOUD SCREAM…MOM then a burst of tears. She saw what Budsies had done, they had taken her drawing and made it into a “Priceless Stuffed Animal” that she would forever be able to treasure!


The hand sewed details are what I would call phenomenal! I mean every detail my daughter created from the head down to the toe was duplicated by Budsies team. It’s remarkable to see your child art work come to life in this capacity. I have never seen anything like this nor have my daughter. She was so overwhelmed with tears it was amazing just to see her smile and face. I wish I could have captured her facial reaction it was just that “Priceless”!

There were no details of her drawing left out, we both even noticed the indention of the chin, the eyes and also the headband were awesome. If you have not had a chance to visit the Budsies Company I think you may want to now so you can have your child’s creation created into a stuffed animal. I tip my hat off to this company their team of hand sewed designers are “Awesome”!

Budsies are more than a company that transforms your child’s artwork. They are a company that gives back to children, Budsies regularly work with Easter Seals and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise funds or host Art Days for kids who could use a buddy during hard times. Budsies already made 1000+ kids’ dreams come true and I can say they have truly made my daughters dreams comes true by creating her Naruto character!

I’m so pleased to have had this privilege to work with the Budsies team, they are  “Outstanding”, “Remarkable”, “Priceless” and most of all “Very Creative”.  My daughter carry’s her Budsies everywhere and no one can touch him…lol  I would say Budsies took my daughters drawing and created a life long friend for her….. we both Thank you!




Now its your turn, Budsies have been kind enough to offer one reader a giveaway. Just enter below USA only and ends 6/30

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, I did receive a product and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own


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