Brushing CAN be fun for the kids.



Brushing CAN be fun for the kids.

Getting the kiddos to brush can sometime be a daunting task. My daughter is amazing with brushing but my son…not so much. He puts the toothbrush in his mouth, swivels it around a bit and boom, he is done. Sometime I have to get him to brush again because it is just not long enough for me to say his teeth are “clean” And its pretty tough to stand over him and monitor while I am trying to get everything ready for bed time. Now there is a solution.

Now you can make cleaning fun for your kids with Firefly toothbrushes and rinse. They have some amazing themes that the kids will love. They have great themes like Hello Kitty for the girls and their newest theme is Star Wars for your boys. The Firefly toothbrushes have a light timer on it so they know the proper amount of time to keep that toothbrush moving (recommended 2 minutes). What is really cool about these brushes is it flashes for 60 seconds and turns off automatically signaling children to stop brushing the top row of teeth and begin brushing the bottom row.

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The Firefly Anti-Cavity Mouth Rinse also have themes to make rinsing more fun. They have a cute little cup attached to the bottom of the bottle to make sure the kids are measuring the right amount. The bottle is a pump so it makes dispensing much simpler.
The rinse is Sugar-free and Alcohol-free. Most important is that Contains fluoride to help fight cavities and strengthen enamel.

My kids love Firefly products. My son now tells me he wants Star Wars to brush his teeth for him. Anything to get the my children’s teeth clean and cavity free!

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