7 Steps To Opening Up Your Own Spa.

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If you’re familiar with offering health and beauty treatments as well as have some business experience, then think about starting a business that offers spa treatments. It’s not only an excellent business model but you’ll be providing a much-needed professional service to the local community to improve health, beauty, and well-being.

Assuming you’ve found a location, raised the funding, and just need to fine-tune your business plan, here are 7 steps to take to get your business off the ground:

  1. Do some local surveys to find out what services people desire.

You may decide to offer a full range of services, like nail care, body wraps, massages, facials, spray tanning, and so on. You may also decide to just focus on a few specialized services, putting the emphasis on quality over quantity and variety.

  1. Buy the necessary furniture and equipment based on your available space and options.

You will need furniture like a front counter, computers with scheduling and POS software, chairs, tables, and product shelves. You will also need a variety of equipment like massage tables, manicure tables, pedicure chairs, facial equipment, hair styling stations, and tanning booths. Finally, you will need to add ambiance with carpets, paintings, fountains, mini-statues, aromatherapy, and a sound system.

  1. Provide comparable prices and services to your competitors

Unless you know what your competitors are doing, you might not get as many clients as you had hoped. It’s possible that your potential clients will go to some other place where they can either get more services or similar services at a lower price point. In order to stay competitive, you should provide similar prices. If you do charge more, it will only be because you are providing more or better services. Incidentally, it’s not a good idea to charge less than your competitors because people often jump to the conclusion that you’re charging less because you’re not quite as good.

This kind of research should not be academic—merely reading websites or thumbing through catalogs. You should visit other spas as a client. This aspect of the research will be quite enjoyable as you and your family will have to visit other spas to receive a variety of beauty and health treatments. By visiting in person as a client, you’ll see things from a client’s point of view, from customer service to the quality of care you receive.

  1. Handpick your talent. 

Don’t rely on recruiters or senior staff to hire the right people for you. Do it yourself. The quality of your spa will depend on the quality of the people you hire. You need to go beyond reviewing state licenses and resumes and really get to know the people you’re hiring. You need warm, friendly people who are experts at what they do. You should only hire nail technicians, massage therapists, and anesthetics who will help you build a flourishing business. Plenty of experience and technical skills won’t make up for a lack of personality.

  1. Put the finishing touches. 

Take care of the legal aspects of the business, like proper business registration, getting an establishment license, and getting a sales tax ID to sell products. Take care of any pending financial arrangements like finalizing your business loan, turning on the utilities, or paying for everything you bought on credit, etc. And take care of managing your business operations, like your menu of treatments, your pricing structure, and any marketing you need to do to get the word out about your new business.

  1. Throw a grand opening

Create a guest list, provide a wide variety of complementary sample treatments, serve snacks and beverages, and train your staff to explain the benefits of your spa services. In addition, offer a generous discount for attendees for their first visit.

  1. Market your business. 

Now that you’ve got your business off the ground, the most important thing you can do is to market it aggressively. While you may have already done a few marketing things like issuing press releases, placing newspaper ads, and putting up signage about your grand opening, now it’s time to turn up the marketing throttle. Create a sustainable marketing plan for your small business which should include online and offline marketing practices. Online, you need a website, a blog, and to set up your presence on social media. Offline, you need to run regular print ads and radio spots. You might even consider giving talks at service clubs where you offer beauty and health care tips.

Opening up your own spa can be tremendous fun. It can be enjoyable creating a business that will have a major impact on your local business and residential community.



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