4 Cool Tech Ideas For Your Trade Show Booth

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Are you looking for a flashy trade show booth to launch your company’s innovative tech solution and show it to the world? An interactive display at a promotional event does great to provide the much-needed bond with your potential customers and industry leaders. With a creative booth to keep your audience hooked into your merchandise, you are well positioned to jack up your firm’s brand value & customer loyalty. I am going to share with you some cool tech ideas to make your trade show display stand out.

A Snazzy Smartphone or Robot That Your Audience Can Play With

Whether you are a tech startup planning to participate in a trade show event to showcase your merchandise or an established brand all set to turn your booth into a roaring hit with the people around, you need to employ some ingenuity. Perhaps, a pragmatic prototype of a helping robot or a friendly Siri alternative that your customers can interact with at the promotional event. Instead of watching a wall screen displaying your products, how about giving them a real feel of what you have on offer. Make use of touch content personalized for your brand and step up the user engagement by roping in ideas like touch-screen video wall or a Giant iTab Smartphone.

Immersive Gamification Helps

How about turning your exhibit into a perky crowd pleaser, all built to impress? Game on! Use nice interactive games to maximize your promotional endeavors and keep your audience excited. With a personalized in-house game version, you increase your chances of encouraging unique brand associations and creating long-lasting impact. A few nice ways to gamify your clients include the use of gaming apps, social media competitions, virtual prize wheels and customized versions of popular games that people could play at your booth to win cool takeaways. Take inspiration from turnkey game show solutions like iPad Jeopardy Wall that make use of iPads mounted on a magnetic wall. Awesome right!

A Virtual Race Spree Or Scavenger Hunt

While AI & Cloud Computing are the next step forward in tech burgeoning, virtual contests and activities that are built around customer engagement deliver far impressive results for brand awareness. Use Augmented Reality (AR) to offer your customers a thrilling footboard to stay connected with your brand by having users participate in virtual hunts, races, and adventurous sprees. For trade shows, one of the most poignant AR based activity is a virtual scavenger hunt for guests where they search for hidden items through clues displayed at your booth. The use of virtual notes and giveaways during product demos also helps turn your exhibit into a huge success.

Video Wall with AR Content

Do not forget to include a modish, video wall that consists of LCD or LED screens in your booth that makes use of AR and Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality to display interactive content. You can also use the video wall to present customer content from social media feeds and highlight your top moments from contests & events. Include a social photo booth and encourage discussions to generate more buzz and rock it like no one!



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